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Rug Underlay

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Our anti slip rug underlay is designed specifically for rugs. It will stop rugs moving, creeping and rucking with the added bonus of working on hard wood and laminate floors, stone, tiles, vinyl and on fitted carpet. Our underlay offers excellent cushioning properties whilst being discreet enough not to create a step and cause tripping.

The best way to use it to ensure maximum effectiveness is to have a piece cut to place under your entire rug, that allows your rug to overlap the anti-slip underlay by 3-5cm all round your rug. If you have a rug larger than 1m wide/long it may be necessary to lay the anti-slip underlay in strips. A tip for added security is to tape these strips together forming one large piece of underlay. Our underlay roll maximum length is 25 metres for one continuous strip at 1 metre wide. Longer/wider than this and it would require a joining piece.

Prices start at only £1.85 per sq foot.

*FREE Delivery on order totals over £200

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