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Everything you wanted to know about rug care and our rug cleaning and repair services, but were afraid to ask.

1. Do you collect and deliver back to our home?

Yes we will come to you. If you are within a 30 mile radius of our office in Fairford, Gloucestershire then this service is completely FREEIf you are a little further away, we charge a small one off fee to help with our collection/return delivery costs, £10 if between 31 to 44 miles, £20 if between 45 to 54 miles away, £30 if between 55 to 65 miles away, £50 if between 66 to 85 miles away. These fees include both collection and return delivery. Over 85 miles away, please contact us for a quote and to discuss options and/or to arrange a courier. In most cases, if economical, we will personally collect so even at a distance we are probably better value than using a courier and no packing up and lugging the rug about!

2. Do you always take
the rug(s) away for cleaning and/or repair?

Yes, all rugs are taken to our rug workshop and repair studio. Here we have the facilities to offer a professional and thorough deep clean. Rugs are given a full immersion wash in our rug bath, a 90% moisture removal in our rug centrifuge and then hung in our temperature controlled drying room. All of our rug cleaning finishing equipment such as brushes and fringe combs plus our repair tools and huge selection of yarn for repairs are on hand at this stage to complete any restoration to achieve the best results for your rugs.

3. Why not just clean our rug(s) in situ?

Surface cleaning in situ is not a service we would recommend if you need a specialist rug clean as it often leaves dirt still deep in the pile of the rug. We use specialist dusting equipment whilst the rug is still dry to remove all dirt and dust so that it is not simply washed back into the rug thus leaving the fibres dull and dirty. This stage is essential to make sure of a great finish and guaranteed revived colours in all rugs after the wash.

4. Can you remove nasty odours from rugs?

Most odours will be removed during the washing process but for particularly pungent ones we can add deodorizers to the cleaning solutions to neutralise any nasty niffs that might remain!

5. Our rug has got Moths? Can they be killed?

Fortunately yes! If you notice little white, rice like pods on your rug/floor and see evidence on the rug that the wool has been nibbled, don't delay, get in touch and we can wash your rug and treat it for moths with specialist additives we put in the washing solution. The cleaning process alone tends to kill and remove moth eggs (it's these that eat your rug!) but we like to be sure by adding the specialist moth treatments.

6. How do I keep Moths away once my rug is clean?

The simple answer is good house-keeping. Vacuum your rug(s) regularly, for best results turn the rug over and vacuum on the back too. Move or turn them around from time to time if they are under furniture, as
undisturbed, these dark areas can be a haven for moths etc.

7. How long will my rug be away for?

Usually if your rug is only having a deep wash, we can deliver it back in around 3 weeks, but it is often sooner depending on our work load. A rug requiring any repairs will be 3 weeks plus, depending on the extent of the work involved. We will always give you a sensible
time estimate and keep you posted on progress.

8. Does Non-slip underlay actually work?

Ours does. We only supply the best stuff used by most in the rug world. Other non-slip underlays are available in DIY shops or online, often only holding the edge of the rug - this can be false economy, our non-slip underlay goes under the whole of your rug. It is few mm thick so not visable, slighty tacky to touch but leaves no residues on your rug or flooring, is very effective, can be washed and is not too expensive. See
here for more details.

you still have unanswered questions we haven't covered above or within this website, please get in touch, we would be happy to help.

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